Divvee Start 2017

Divvee Social Membership Network offers you the opportunity to earn by downloading and voting apps on your mobile device!

Once you registered you can access the program Divvee Rank & Share combining five elements:

Your Opinion, (MAPS) Mobile Apps & Product & Services, Social Media, Internetwork Marketing, and Influencers.

Divvee Social NetworkThe Rank & Share Model

Why here Your opinion matters!
Marketing and Advertising is a 600 billion per year industry.
Mobile Advertisers spent over 100 billion dollars in 2016.
Advertisers demand consumer largeted statistics.

Mobile Apps, Products and Services, (MAPS)
MAPS account for 5 of the 10 fastest growing industries world-wide.
As of June, 2015 over 100 billion apps were downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Social Media, The New Universal Language
Mobile phones used by 73% of the world’s population.
Social Media Revenue in 2015:
Facebook 17.93 billion; Twitter 2.21 billion; Pinterest predicts 2.8 billion annually by 2018.

Internetwork Marketing
How business gets done!

Word-of-mouth influences 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions.
Social media and target advertising has given birth to the influencer.

Divvee Social Commission Plan

Divvee Social Commission Plan EarningActive Affiliate: An affiliate is considered active when they have 100 Rank & Shares monthly. Personal Rank & Shares and the Rank & Shares of their Free Members count towards the 100 per month total. (Activity for THIS month activates you for the following month.)

Commission Qualified: An affiliate unlocks commission tiers 1-10 as personally enrolled affiliates are added to their Personal Enrollment Network (PEN). Each personally enrolled affiliate unlocks a tier. An affiliate must have 10 personally enrolled Active affiliates to unlock all 10 levels of their commission tiers.

Additional Ranks Coming Soon: An affiliate will have 10 personally enrolled active affiliates, and:
*Tier 3 Qualified – To be announced.
*Tier 4 Qualified – To be announced.
*Tier 5 Qualified – To be announced.
*Tier 10 Executive – To be announced.

OnlineSalesPro Marketing Tools*These qualifications are based off your team building structure.

Commission team building structure

Divvee Commission Team Building StructureAs you personally enroll affiliates and yourteam grows, your team building structure willexpand, top to bottom, left to right, then right to left. Each affiliate you personally enroll unlocks a tier, from tiers 1 to 10. Personally enrolled affiliates must be active each month for you to remain tier qualified. Positions in your team building structure are filled only with affiliates.

Members are attributed to their corresponding affiliate. Qualified affiliates will get paid on all affiliates in each of the 10 tiers as they are unlocked, in addition to all the members attributed to them. Commissions will compress past any affiliate that is not commission or tier qualified.


You can also join the Divvee Up Bonus – CLUB 1000

A profit-sharing program created to benefit those affiliates who would like to participate in Divvee as a Team Building Leader. There are requirements and qualifications to participate, and only a limited number of mem- bership positions remain.

To qualify for participation in the Divvee Up program an affiliate must personally enroll 10 affiliates in their first 30 days. There are three membership rankings attainable in the Divvee Up Profit-Sharing Program.

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