SWISSCOIN New Cryptocurrency

Swisscoin the new cryptocurrency is being launched

The cryptocurrency is the money of the future. Digital currency will be the future of online payments.

SWISSCOIN New Cryptocurrency

To understand what we’re talking about try to see the actual value of Bitcoin!

BITCOIN chart Dec2016

Only in the last 60 days has gained value, starting from an already very high prices of $ 650, it is now listed over $ 950!

The opportunity that now presents itself with the new SWISSCOIN, more advantageous than the purchase of Bitcoin, is due to the fact that you can buy SWISSCOIN before they are placed on the market.

About two months ago I purchased this digital currency, and its value was € 0.08, now has already reached a value of € 0.15, before it is placed on the market.

In addition, the issuing company, which is based in Switzerland, offers its customers additional bonuses:

  • 100 free coins
  • Bonus SWISSCOIN that go from 2% to 22% for your contribution in spreading it to other people this opportunity
  • The Matching Bonus is calculated on the gain of your downline

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